About Us

Because the world is such an amazing place full of the most fantastic wildlife and stunning landscapes enabling you to feed your soul, enrich your life and to give something back to those in need of help or assist combat the human impact on our precious wildlife and ecosystems.

That's how we feel about it and why we setup Intrepid Turtle.

Travelling has always been part of our lives and my wife and I have individually clocked up 150,000 air miles over the past 18 years while exploring over 23 countries. In 2015/2016 'the itch' became reality once again. We took our two children out of school (gasp) and spent 3 months travelling around South East Asia with them. We volunteered, worked in or visted most of the places we are promoting on this this website and decided that given our passion for travelling, the increasing appetite for people to do something different away from the glossy travel agent brochures and a desire to experience real culture in actual homestays, that we could add real value given our experiences and contacts in many different parts of the world. Intrepid Turtle was born.

As for our children, they learned more first hand about travel, culture, religion, war, politics and life skills in those 3 months, that they will actually remember for a very long time than they will remember reading in a text book while flicking rubbers at each other in the classroom. Our schools were actually very supportive and recognised the insane amount of experiences our children would benefit from during the trip. We are very grateful to all concerned and the support we received was fantastic.

When time permits we also love to travel around Europe in our beloved motorhome called 'Rai'.

You are more than welcome to call us for a chat about your ideas or plans.

Volunteering is a direct approach to give your time and money back to the system. Every little bit of conservation work, every bit of awareness and education only serves to help protect the precious and endangered environments that we humans have impacted.

That's where you will benefit from our experience. We have personally selected all of the adventures and projects we offer. We have been to all of them and understand what's important and will not hold back sharing our knowledge with you.

Our philosophy is to ensure you have the most amazing experiences, armed with relevant local knowlegde to ensure your travels are suitable, fun, memorable and importantly that you stay safe.

We only book direct with the tour guides, homestays and placements so that your money makes a difference to those who need it.

We remember how daunting it can be, so many questions, is it safe, how do we get from one place to another, what do we need to watch out for, what about food for the children, where are the best places to visit and so it can go on.

Your experience should be amazing and as enjoyable as possible. We also want Intrepid Turtle to be a success.

Our promise to you is to be as open and frank as possible about the placements and their suitability for your needs.

The following links are a good source of further information.

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Foreign Travel Immunisations
Note: if your GP doesn't have the required vaccine you can always try your local Boots store. Some vacines need to be administered months in advance so don't leave it to the last minute. Boots Vaccinations

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch