Project 01

Sea Turtle Conservation

Volunteers at the project play a vital role ensuring eggs are received and handled appropriately, hatchlings are nurtured and given the best start in life before release.

Available all year round and suitable for families.

Sea Turtle Eggs

Traveller Stories

Simply Brilliant

  • Such an amazing experience, from the tropical beaches to the lush mountains to the national parks and amazing people Susanna G

  • Udawalawe Nation Park was incredible, such diverse wildlife and a great jeep safari. A must see on your itinerary. I politely declined the nearby Wild Puma walk! Oliver William

  • We combined a two week Sea Turtle conservation project with a two week tour of the island. Just an amazing experience that I will never forget Martin A

Doing our best for you

If your timescales don't work or you wish to amend an itinerary please talk to us and we will do our best to accomodate your request.